Public transport comes to Celje with Papercast e-paper bus stops

Municipality of Celje introduced new environmentally friendly bus operations and upgraded infrastructure featuring real-time passenger information on e-paper bus stop displays

The Municipality of Celje (MOC), the fourth-largest city in Slovenia, has introduced a new public transport system featuring Papercast® e-paper bus stop displays. The city adopted a traffic strategy in 2017 to encourage people to take sustainable forms of mobility as a response to the growing traffic in the city.

Bus services were previously provided by the regional public transport service. In order to increase the use and improve the quality of public transport, the MOC took the decision to modernise the existing infrastructure with dedicated city wide, environmentally friendly bus operations.

Called CELEBUS, the service features an entire fleet of ten compressed natural gas (CNG) buses servicing six lines. New infrastructure included a CNG filling station, the overhaul of 21 existing bus stops (serving the long distance services previously) and the introduction of 21 new bus stops. The MOC plans to expand the lines into more remote settlements, providing even greater coverage.

In a project led by Papercast partner LIT Transit, Papercast proved to be the strongest contender in a competitive selection process for the best, most sustainable outdoor display technology. Their 13” and 23” displays have been installed to provide real-time passenger information at all 42 bus stops, with solar power at the old locations and integration with street light power at the new stops.

“We are thrilled that Papercast bus stops displays have featured in this initiative, that has sustainability at its very heart. It is a rare that we see the launch of a completely new service, designed from scratch with best-in-class technology that not only aligns with the City’s strategy, but provides the best possible service experience for its community,” comments Cameron Maconie, Head of Business Development at Papercast.

Using E Ink technology, Papercast e-paper bus stop displays are well proven around the world, and this projects joins other prominent deployments across the European region including Finland, France, Spain, Poland and UK, as well as others further afield such as Bahrain, Makkah, New Zealand and USA.

Papercast’s range of solar powered, wireless e-paper bus stop displays provide excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight, and have been engineered with leading design principles of superior functionality and exceptionally low energy consumption. Completely stand-alone, the displays can be easily installed ‘off-the-grid’ within hours and the cloud-based data management platform provides complete control and real-time data integration.

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