Christchurch goes real-time Papercast® e-paper passenger information displays

Environment Canterbury has teamed up with NEC New Zealand to modernise its transport system and drive significant service enhancements, featuring Papercast e-paper displays

Christchurch City Council in New Zealand has introduced new bus locators at bus stops around the city to make it easier for residents to use public transport and improve the service experience. The bus locators use Papercast® e-paper passenger information displays, which were supplied as part of a comprehensive real-time passenger information project delivered by Papercast’s partner NEC New Zealand.

The project is part of a wider strategy led by Environment Canterbury (ECan) in response to rising customer expectations, changes in operational best practice and rapidly advancing technology. ECan teamed up with NEC New Zealand to provide a comprehensive solution that includes 100 Papercast 23” overhead displays and interactive 13” displays using a combination of solar, mains and streetlight power.

“This is an exciting project for Papercast as we continue to transform the passenger experience with our innovative, industry leading e-paper bus stop displays,” comments Rado Skender, Director of Business Development. “This project was unique in that we replaced existing e-paper technology to offer a more reliable, modern and flexible solution that will support Christchurch as its transport network evolves and transforms.”

The new Papercast displays replaced end-of-life bus finders at bus stops around the city to offer improved features that integrate with the new technology, using a combination of accurate data and machine learning to increasing the accuracy of bus arrival times at each stop. The overhead signs at busy bus stops show three routes at a time, while the interactive bus locator screens installed on bus shelters offer next bus, timetables, active alters and text-to-talk will read out the arrival times to passengers.

The new bus locators have been selected with both accessibility and usability in mind. They are easier to see, hear and operate, and are placed at an appropriate height for wheelchair users. The bus locators use satellite-fed data so that bus arrival times are more accurate. The upgrade also included the Papercast online journey planning and next bus tool.


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