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Battery and solar powered e-paper signage displays

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Papercast® battery or solar powered e-paper signage offers a unique display solution for sharing digital content with the public.

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Features at a glance

  • Sunlight readable

    High contrast HD E Ink displays with night time LED illumination

  • Solar powered

    Market leading power, processing and data performance

  • Wireless connectivity

    Optimised wireless data compression and transmission

  • Display options

    Standard and custom display configurations

  • Seamless refresh

    Local content rendering and partial screen update

  • Fully protected

    Ruggedized IP67 & IK09 rated outdoor displays

  • Easy installation

    Standalone ‘off-the-grid’ display, installed in hours

  • Complete control

    Bespoke cloud based advanced management system

  • Instant integration

    Simple integration supporting major open standards

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How is this the best e-paper solution available?

We recently launched our very own advanced e-paper driver (EPD) board, developed entirely in-house by Papercast engineers. The all new Papercast quad-core EPD breaks new ground in power performance and introduces unique…

How are the displays powered?

The displays have been designed and optimised to be solar powered – we use E-ink technology with power consumption that is extremely low compared to other display types. A solar panel charges a small internal battery to enable the displays…

How does the display collect its information?

The display connects to the Papercast cloud-based management system via 3G or WIFI. Designed specifically for transit agencies, our platform offers easy integration with a wide range of systems and data sources…

How is the display installed?

With solar power and wireless connectivity as standard, the display can be easily installed completely ‘off-the-grid’ within hours. The displays are supplied in our innovative ruggedized IP65-rated enclosure with a secure and flexible mounting…

How are the displays protected?

The displays are supplied in our innovative ruggedized IP65-rated enclosure, made from extruded aluminium with a toughened laminated anti-vandal, anti-scratch front glass, a secure fixing mechanism and integrated accelerometer…

Does the screen work in direct sunlight?

E-paper offers phenomenal sunlight readability, in fact the brighter the day the better the image quality. In the dark, the display has an ultra-low power LED illumination edge lighting system building into the enclosure…