About Us

Helping to bring information to life

Papercast® pioneers and relentlessly improves battery and solar powered e-paper signage displays.

We work with a wide range of organisations looking for an innovative, versatile and sustainable solution for sharing digital content with the public.

Papercast e-paper signage technology was originally developed and launched in 2016 to transform real-time passenger information at bus stops around the world. Now with a major foothold in this market, Papercast has attracted attention and is gaining momentum from across the transport sector and beyond.

In response, our engineers have developed various configurations to offer the most versatile off-grid display technology available.

With a vision to bring information to life, we are committed to ensuring that our e-paper technology remains at the forefront of making this a reality.

Strong vision

In making our vision a reality, we believe we need to help as many service providers as possible to transition to next generation technologies

Collaborative innovation

Working with partners and customers, we ensure that our technology continues to support them in their information strategies

Empowered engineers

Supported by ongoing investment, our engineers ensure that Papercast remains the most advanced e-paper digital signage solution available

Delivery capability

Eternally focused on our strengths as a technology innovator, we work with a network of partners with the same commitment to our vision

Meet our team

  • Robert Bicket CEO of Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Chief Executive Officer

    Robert Bicket

    Robert focuses the company on a single global strategy aligned with the needs of the market. He is also responsible for developing our capability in all disciplines and collaborating with delivery partners to establish our market position in key geographies.

  • Bogdan Pavlic COO of Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Chief Technology Officer

    Bogdan Pavlic

    Bogdan is responsible for technology innovation, as well as product and service delivery. Under his direction, we continually empower our engineering team to develop the Papercast platform so that it remains the most advanced e-paper RTPI solution available.

  • Peter Caplan Chairman at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays


    Peter Caplan

    Peter is responsible for managing the financial and legal affairs of the company. With his expertise, we are well-positioned to drive forward operational growth and continue investing in the most advanced e-paper bus stop technology on the market.

  • Rado Skender Director Business Development at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Director, Business Development

    Rado Skender

    Rado is passionate about improving the passenger experience across the globe, with a focus on developing customer relationships and strategic partnerships in the APAC region. He also leads our go-to-market strategy for advanced prediction tools, Better ETA.

  • Andrej Zagar Business Development Manager at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Business Development Manager - EMEA

    Andrej Zagar

    Andrej is the catalyst behind new opportunities in the EMEA region, spending his time developing customer and partner relationships. If you want to select the right digital bus stop technology for your agency, you need to speak to Andrej and his team.

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    Chief Manufacturing & Procurement Officer

    Aleksander Zavrnik

    Aleksander is responsible for the production of Papercast products to the highest possible standards. With a constant eye on customer expectations, global best practices and continuous improvement, he leads manufacturing, supply chain and logistics processes to help us remain innovative and competitive.

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    Production Planning Manager

    Nina Čebin

    When it comes to keeping up with the demand, Nina is the mastermind! In a nutshell, she manages production to ensure we deliver when we say we will. Nina’s world is about planning, prioritising, optimising and collaborating all things related to production schedules, operations, workflow and resources, to ensure our products meet quality standards and customer expectations.

  • James Sirmon Chief Engineer at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Chief Engineer

    James Sirmon

    James directs the development of our product portfolio to ensure we exceed customer expectations, in terms of design, usability and specification. The secret to his success is the perfect combination of front facing customer support, with behind the scenes product development.

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    Head of Product Development

    Nikola Vukasinovic

    Nikola was born to develop products and share them with the world. He lives this dream heading up product design and development at Papercast, as well as university teaching. His ideology is based on achieving perfection by pursuing simplicity and putting the passenger at the heart of everything. This is reflected through Papercast products, thanks to Nikola.

  • Matjaz Smole Engineering Manager at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Engineering Manager - CM Product Management

    Matjaz Smole

    Along with his team, Matjaz is the mastermind behind our very own content management platform, pioneering features and solutions that give our customers the greatest value and the user the best possible experience.

  • Matej Grasic Engineering Manager at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Engineering Manager - CM Architecture

    Matej Grasic

    Matej and his team bring their software design talents to the content management system. They translate customer and end-user needs into powerful and intuitive functionality that keeps passengers informed at the bus stop.

  • Matej Vadnov Engineering Manager at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays
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    Engineering Manager - Hardware Integration

    Matej Vadnov

    Matej is primarily focused on the technical development of display hardware components. With the goal of ‘more than fit for purpose’, he ensures the most progressive technological processes and performance stability. He also heads-up customer installation, support and training.

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    Operations Manager - UK & Ireland

    Mark Treadwell

    Responsible for a wide range of operational processes and programmes, Mark works collaboratively to ensure everything goes smoothly across the business. With many strings to his bow, Mark is the go-to-person for all customers and partners in the UK and Ireland, making sure their commercial, technical and support needs are met with the upmost satisfaction.

  • Kerry Marchbank Marketing Manager at Papercast, E-paper Digital Bus Stop Displays

    Marketing Manager

    Kerry Marchbank

    While everyone else works hard to ensure that Papercast is the best technology in its class, Kerry has the unsurprisingly easy task of communicating its virtues within the marketplace. In full support of the business strategy, she gets the Papercast message to the right people.


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