Papercast product RMA policy

This policy document applies to Papercast Resellers and End Users (“the Customer”).

In the event any Products (as defined in the Papercast Reseller and End User agreements) are to be returned to Papercast, the following RMA Policy will be followed:-


Please refer to the “Papercast – Limited Warranty” documentation available on request or via the Papercast website:


The Customer contacts Papercast Support with the Failure Analysis Information Form (“FAIF”) via email.

Papercast Support accepts and/or authorizes (or provisionally authorizes subject to inspection) or rejects the warranty claim and assigns the RMA number for further dealings.

Upon warranty approval, the warranty handling process will be coordinated by Papercast Operations.

2.1 The general course of events

1.    The Customer with a valid warranty claim shall contact Papercast Support with a FAIF form;

2.    If a valid warranty claim exists, Papercast Operations will contact the Customer with authorization of request by assigning the RMA number;

3.    The Customer shall send the defective product to Papercast;

4.    Papercast shall verify the content of the shipment matches the RMA form. If correct, Papercast’s service department shall repair or replace the defective product under covered by warranty

5.    Papercast shall send the repaired or replaced product to the Customer.

2.2 Shipping Hardware covered by warranty

Basic Guidelines

1.    Customer to enclose RMA form with RMA number in the shipment box but also keep a copy for inquiry. Only products and quantities authorized will be accepted. If the Customer’s packing list is in error, please contact Papercast Support.

2.    Papercast shall have no liability with respect to (a) data lost, regardless of the cause, (b) data recovery services, or (c) data contained in any product placed in Papercast’s possession. For example, Papercast has no obligation to pay for or reimburse the cost of recovering data.

3.    Papercast maintains serial number tracking. Any on-board product discovered to be stolen will not have the warranty honored and will not be returned to user. Credit or replacement will not be issued.

The following are helpful guidelines for packaging Papercast hardware for shipment. By adhering to these guidelines the Customer will provide the best possible protection for the product so it is not further damaged in transit.

1.    Papercast equipment: Remove and retain all add on items (i.e., cables, software, adapters, brackets, installation guides and/or m/f screws) prior to shipment. Papercast is not responsible for these items and cannot return them as Papercast only returns the items specified on the RMA.

2.    When shipping more than one piece of hardware in a single carton, ensure that the hardware does not touch any other hardware and they are all cushioned individually. Utilizing foam in all directions should be used. DO NOT USE “peanuts” or “flowables” as they will not support the hardware in all directions during shipping. Seal the corrugated carton firmly using adhesive backed tape. Make sure all carton edges are sealed also to prevent any tearing. Please utilize Papercast’s original packaging when available.

3.    Every shipment must have a value of at least 300 EUR.

4.    The Customer cannot request the means of transport from Papercast.

5.    All claims shall be handled in ten (10) Working Days timeframe.

6.    The Customer shall make any claims rejecting repaired or replaced hardware shipped by Papercast to the Customer within five (5) Working Days of receipt by the Customer.

Please read the following shipping instructions carefully. Products that arrive damaged in shipment or without RMA form and number or without appropriate warranty information, will be returned to the Customer unrepaired. Products damaged through neglect due to improper packaging or in shipment, will void the warranty and be returned to the Customer unrepaired. Any alteration to the product (i.e., removal, damage, or tampering of labels or seal, defacement of the product or abuse) will void the warranty and be returned to the Customer unrepaired.

Hardware has to be returned based on above defined approval process accompanied by:-

1.    Transport note (CMR, AWB, Bill of loading, etc.);

2.    Proforma invoice (content defined by Papercast).


Service charges will apply under the following conditions:-

1.    The warranty has expired;

2.    The Product is returned for repair after the warranty has expired but no problem is found;

3.    The Product is returned for update or testing after the warranty has expired;

4.    The damage is caused by a Force Majeure Event or natural disaster;

5.    The Product is still under warranty but it has been misused, abused, subject to unauthorized disassembly or modification, operated in an unsuitable environment, improperly maintained by the Customer, or any other unknown situation for which Papercast shall not be responsible (to be determined by Papercast in its sole unfettered discretion).

3.1 Service charge for repair without warranty

Repair service charge = material cost + labor cost + freight charge

– Labor cost + freight charge for board-level: to be confirmed by Papercast Operations;

– Labor cost + freight charge for system-level: to be confirmed by Papercast Operations.

3.2 Service charge for repair results without warranty: Adjustment/Update

NPF (No Problem Found)

Repair service charge = labor cost + freight charge

– for board-level: to be confirmed by Papercast Operations;

– for system-level: to be confirmed by Papercast Operations.

3.3 Handling charges if out-of-warranty repair request is cancelled

Repair service charge = handling charge + freight charge

for board-level: to be confirmed by Papercast Operations;

for system-level: to be confirmed by Papercast Operations.

3.4 Repair Turn-Around Time (TAT)

TAT definition: Papercast Receiving date – Papercast Shipping date.

For Papercast products, the approximate TAT is estimated as following:

(1) For single shipment of 20 pieces and under, TAT is fifteen (15) Working Days;

(2) For single shipment of more than 20 pieces, TAT is fifteen (15) Working Days per 20 pieces.