Flexible e-paper public information signage

The world's leading e-paper information display for roads and highways

Papercast® e-paper information displays offer a flexible digital alternative to traditional signage used across a wide range of roadside and highway settings. Battery powered portable displays are well suited to roadwork and temporary traffic signage, while solar powered products can be used in car parks, service and fuel stations.

Papercast for Highways

Our technology offers a distinctive combination of features, making it the most advanced solution of its kind. The display content can be updated with just a few clicks using the Papercast management system, which seamlessly integrates with your data sources for live content updates.


Street & Road Works

Informative signage is vital for pedestrian and traffic flow during street and roadwork projects. Papercast portable battery powered signage is incredibly resilient and provides a flexible alternative to traditional stanchion signs – simply update the information in the management system.

Fuel & Charging Stations

Papercast solar powered displays offer a sustainable alternative to LED fuel pricing displays and can be easily integrated into roadside sign structures. The digital screens can also be used in filling station fuel pumps and electric vehicle chargers.

Car Parks

Papercast gives you complete flexibility to provide a wide range of dynamic information in car parks. Low power displays can direct vehicles to available spaces, can be used as individual parking bay signs or to direct pedestrians to local amenities.

Technology Highlights

The unique attributes of e-paper make Papercast ideal for outside use, with fast installation within existing structures or ready to go for portable uses.

  • Sunlight Readable

    High contrast HD e-ink displays with night time LED illumination

  • Portable Signage

    Battery powered portable indoor and outdoor signage

  • Low Power

    Runs on batteries longer than any other display technology

  • Fully Rechargable

    Solar powered outside and mains rechargeable when used indoors

  • Wirelessly Connected

    Cloud management system with simple API integration

  • Fast Installation

    Fixed position solar powered displays installed in an hour

  • Fully Protected

    Completely weatherproof ruggedized IP65-rated enclosure

  • Eco-friendly

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly technology

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