Battery and solar powered e-paper information displays

Customise the world's leading e-paper information display

Papercast® battery and solar powered e-paper display technology is incredibly versatile. Our leading-edge technology provides a solid foundation for bespoke display requirements and special projects. Developed originally for public transit applications, we can re-engineer and customise our baseline specification to meet a wide range of needs.

Customised Papercast E-Paper Displays

Our technology offers a distinctive combination of features, making it the most advanced solution of its kind. The display content can be updated with just a few clicks using the Papercast management system, which seamlessly integrates with your data sources for live content updates.

Public Spaces

Papercast e-paper displays provide a flexible and easy to deploy digital signage solution for a wide range of environments where you need to provide changing information to the public – whether for wayfinding, managing flow or public safety.


Papercast delivered breakthrough technology to provide data in a fast, highly-readable format to all crew members in the extreme environment of the AC75 cockpit – with update rates at 7Hz in a new lightweight but incredibly robust design, configurable by the team’s software engineers.


Technology Highlights

The unique attributes of e-paper, combined with our market-leading power efficiency, make Papercast one of the most flexible digital signage technologies available on the market. Designed for both indoor or outdoor, fixed or portable use – challenge us to see if we can support your special projects.

  • Sunlight Readable

    High contrast HD e-ink displays with night time LED illumination

  • Portable Signage

    Wirefree portable indoor and outdoor signage


  • Low Power

    Runs on batteries longer than any other display technology


  • Full Rechargable

    Solar powered outside and mains rechargeable when used indoors

  • Wirelessly Connected

    Cloud management system with simple API integration

  • Fast Installation

    Fixed position solar powered displays installed in an hour

  • Fully Protected

    Completely weatherproof ruggedized IP65-rated enclosure

  • Eco-friendly

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly technology

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