The E Ink® e-paper panel behind Papercast® displays

What is e-paper and how does it work?

E-paper, electrophoretic or electronic paper is a type of display technology that mimics the appearance of traditional ink on paper – thin, light weight and high contrast with wide-angle readability. It is popularly known for its use within devices such as e-readers, smartwatches and information display systems.

E Ink® e-paper works by using tiny microcapsules that contain charged black, white and colour particles. These microcapsules are suspended in a clear liquid micro-capsule or micro-cup and coated onto a sheet of plastic or glass. When an electric field is applied, the charged particles move to the top or bottom of the microcapsules, creating a visible image. It holds the image without further power.


What is the difference between an E Ink e-paper display and an LCD display?

E Ink e-paper displays reflect ambient light and are readable even in direct sunlight, while LCD displays emit a strong backlight to generate an image.

E Ink e-paper displays only consume power while being updated. No power is required to maintain an image or text. The power required to update an image depends on the size of the display but is in the order of microwatts (a fraction of what LCD requires).

Some of the great advantages of e-paper screen technology…

E-paper is a fascinating technology that offers a comfortable, paper-like reading experience that is easy on the eyes, while conserving energy and minimising environmental impact.

Why has Papercast partnered with E Ink?

At Papercast, we introduce highly specialised and proven components, such as E Ink’s e-paper display module, and integrate it with our own custom capabilities and solutions to deliver the finished, plug and play Papercast® e-paper display for public transport providers.

When we set out to develop the most advanced e-paper digital signage solution for passenger information in the public transport sector, it was imperative that we partner with the best.

As the originator, pioneer and commercial leader in e-paper technology, E Ink was the most obvious choice. In our vision to develop e-paper based technologies that remain at the forefront of the market, no other provider can compete with E Ink for the superiority of its revolutionary products and advanced product development pipeline.

Papercast maintains a close and longstanding partnership with E Ink that spans many years, and their technology will remain an integral component of our product range.

How does Papercast differentiate?

Papercast is the market leader in developing e-paper display solutions for public transportation systems, such as bus stops and train stations. We enable public transport operators and authorities to adopt next generation, sustainable technologies to provide clear, easy-to-read real-time arrival and departure information to passengers in previously impossible or unimaginable environments.

While E Ink focuses on innovating their e-paper display module so it remains the best technology for all applications and environments, we focus on optimising e-paper so it is a relevant signage option for the public transport market.

In doing so:

For example, we have optimised the screen refresh rate, which is critical for displaying dynamic information such as arrival times or service disruptions.

Papercast displays house all electronic components in beautifully designed enclosures. Indoor displays are sleek and lightweight, whereas our outdoor displays benefit from robust, ruggedized enclosures that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

In addition, Papercast’s software platform:

In summary, our proprietary electronics, firmware and software has helped to make E Ink’s e-paper display modules a reliable and effective solution for real time public transport information displays, improving the passenger experience and reducing the environmental impact compared to alternatives.

Together, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with e-paper technology in public transport markets.

About E Ink the company

E Ink is the World’s ePaper Technology Leader: E Ink is the originator, pioneer and commercial leader in electronic ink technology providing low-power ePaper modules to world-renowned brands and manufacturers.  Our partners and customers use these modules to create revolutionary products that are durable, low-power and help them to meet their sustainability efforts.

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Bogdan is responsible for technology innovation, as well as product and service delivery. Under his direction, we continually empower our engineering team to develop the Papercast platform so that it remains the most advanced e-paper RTPI solution available.

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