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The future of real time passenger information is here

A ground breaking digital bus stop passenger information solution using solar powered wireless e-paper displays

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Looking for a future-proof, easy to implement real-time passenger information solution for your bus stops?

Papercast specialises in real-time passenger information, with a focus on solar powered, wireless e-paper bus stop displays. Our technology offers a distinctive combination of features, making our platform one of the most advanced solutions of its kind. We offer a completely future-proof replacement for legacy electronic systems and traditional paper timetables, while providing the ideal technology platform for smart city public transport information solutions.

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Discover why transport authorities and operators around the world choose Papercast e-paper displays to transform real-time passenger information at the bus stop.

Powering passenger information everywhere


Solar powered with wireless connectivity, Papercast e-paper displays can be easily installed ‘off-the-grid’, within hours

Papercast Accurate E-paper Bus Stop Passenger Information


Effortlessly keep passengers fully updated with timely and accurate information at every bus stop across your network

Papercast Solar Powered E-paper Passenger Information Display


Revolutionary e-paper displays provide impressive visibility when compared to traditional display technology

Are you looking for a future-proof and easy to implement digital bus stop solution?

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Keeping passengers informed

Solar powered e-paper display

Delivering real-time passenger information using solar powered, sunlight readable, weather and vandal proof e-paper displays, with wireless connectivity

Content management system

Cloud-based content management system offers instant GTFS, GTFS RT and SIRI integration, as well as content management, monitoring and auto-diagnostics

Get Better ETA

Optional enhanced analytics improves the accuracy of bus arrival predictions while offering insight on real-time and historical service performance

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