Unpacking Digital Signage: The ruggedized enclosure

In our ‘Unpacking Digital Signage’ series we are peeling back the layers of our e-paper display solution to highlight key components of our technology. Here we’re talking about that very first, outer layer – the ruggedized enclosure.

Our e-paper display products offer so much more than aesthetics and product design. Safety, security and performance are our top priorities, and crucial to this is the enclosure. Here are six things you need to know.

1. Metal electrical enclosure

The robust full-metal enclosure combines a front panel of corrosion-resistant aluminium and a stainless steel back cover. Not only does this provide the optimal resilience, but ensures superior Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). This means displays operate reliably in electronically noisy environments while emitting minimal electromagnetic interference.

Enclosures are powder-coated with durable, UV-stable outdoor coatings that can be customised with agency branding and seamlessly blend with existing infrastructures.

2. Defying the elements

With customers across extreme climates – from scorching heat and sandstorms to freezing cold and snowstorms – we have invested heavily in best-in-class environmental protection. 

With glass-based lightguides and silicone optical bonding, our displays reliably function in temperatures ranging from -20°C (-4°F) to 75°C (167°F) and 100% humidity. For operation below -20°C (0°F), Papercast offers custom thermal solutions tailored to all outdoor displays. 

The enclosures are engineered to IP67 standards for dust and water ingress protection. This durability translates to improved longevity and reduced maintenance, especially in locations with challenging weather conditions. 

3. Protection against harm

Vandalism can be a concern for outdoor signage. Papercast minimises the impact by combining the metal enclosure with IK09 hardened front glass. This acts as a shield against breakage, scratches and graffiti, preserving the display’s internal e-paper module. 

An anti-vandal and anti-graffiti foil option provides additional protection, while a narrow air gap separates the outer glass layer and the inner e-paper module, serving to further protect the e-paper module in case of damage or vandalism to the outer glass.

Thoughtful design allows for easy replacement of the protective glass without compromising the display’s performance.

4. Crystal clear, superior strength

While durability is paramount, a display’s primary role is to communicate content effectively. Papercast’s protective front glass features a double-sided, lifelong anti reflective ceramic coating. 

This ensures optimal visibility and readability without glare and reflections in all lighting conditions, from dark winter nights to direct afternoon sunlight. For outdoor displays facing the challenge of UV damage, stringent filtration standards ensure that over 98% of UV light is filtered out, safeguarding display longevity and performance.

5. Optional illumination

Beyond protection, the enclosures feature a glass lightguide and side-mounted LEDs, providing neutral white night illumination. 

Optically bonded to the e-paper display panel using special silicone gels, the light guide ensures maximum visual performance and internal reflection with no degradation, delamination or loss of optical properties.

6. Design best practice

Our enclosures demonstrate experienced design principles, adhering to international standards for outdoor electronics and signage. The smooth and rounded contours allow for safe handling, installation and use – avoiding sharp edges and protrusions that could pose a threat to pedestrians, bystanders or maintenance personnel. 

Look out for the next in the series, where we focus on the e-paper module and related electronics.

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