Papercast enhances entire e-paper signage portfolio with up to 5 year integrated battery

Papercast, the world leader in battery and solar-powered e-paper display technology, proudly unveils a groundbreaking advancement. Introducing an integrated long-life battery solution across its entire range of indoor and outdoor e-paper signage displays, boasting an impressive lifespan up to 5 years.

The launch of the integrated long-life battery coincides with the introduction of Papercast’s new e-paper driver board, securing power efficiencies that make its products 3.3 times more power efficient than comparable e-paper solutions, 140 times more efficient than comparable LCD displays and 250 times more efficient than traditional bus shelter LED 4 line displays.

Papercast 13” e-paper signage display with integrated long-life battery

“We are thrilled to introduce our integrated long-life battery solution, setting a new standard for longevity and sustainability in e-paper signage,” said Robert Bicket, Chief Executive Officer at Papercast. “This advancement not only offers simplified installation but also reduces maintenance costs, and brings unprecedented flexibility to our customers worldwide.”

Papercast 13” e-paper signage display with integrated long-life battery
with cover plate removed to illustrate position of the slimline battery compartment

Key features of Papercast’s integrated long-life battery include:

Papercast’s technology is already behind many high-profile public information initiatives worldwide, delivering a superior user experience with its readable-from-all-angles e-paper displays. With customers in over 45 countries and recognition including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise International Trade.



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Bogdan is responsible for technology innovation, as well as product and service delivery. Under his direction, we continually empower our engineering team to develop the Papercast platform so that it remains the most advanced e-paper RTPI solution available.

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