The 6 Papercast® CMS enhancements that you need to know about

Did you know that there is more to Papercast® e-paper signage than the actual display technology itself?

While our engineers have put decades of design and development hours into making our frontend hardware the top of its game. The same can be said for the backend software.

The Papercast Content Management System (CMS) helps our customers to take full advantage of the technical scope of e-paper. It is packed with features designed to help public transport providers to show a wide range of real-time and static travel information, in a clear and visually striking graphical format.

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Our user-friendly cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere and offers some of the most advanced functionality you will find on the market.

We are constantly enhancing the system based on customer feedback. In fact, last year we announced significant improvements to the e-paper graphic design library – and won an award!

We recently released updates to bring significant enhancements to the user experience, streamline processes and add new functionality. We share the highlights with you here:

1. Dashboard Filtering

Users can quickly and easily filter displays in the dashboard using a wide range of criteria, which is especially useful for those managing a large volume of displays.

2. Media Library Redesign & Upgrade

A complete redesign of the media library has significantly improved usability. Users can more efficiently organise, find and manage their content assets with new features – such as the ability to create folders and tools that make it easier to delete or replace content. The media library also now supports video format.

3. Slideshow Upgrade

Users can create content slideshows with pre-defined durations and including video content. They can also create slideshows for LCD displays managed by Papercast CMS Plus.

4. Maintenance Module

The maintenance module now allows users to create maintenance tasks, assign them to an owner for resolution and track the progress.

5. Reporting

We have also recently integrated custom reporting functionality, for example Tableau, which can be offered on a case-by-case basis.

6. Portal of Portals

The portal of portal has been introduced for internal use, enabling us to monitor every display managed by all our customers in one place. This means we can easily identify and help troubleshoot issues, with optional instant notifications.

Our CMS never fails to impress, and this new functionality is no exception – bringing significant enhancements to both existing and new users. If you would like to see it for yourself then arrange a demo or contact us to find out more.


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