Content Management System

Cloud-based management platform puts you in control

Papercast E-paper Passenger Information Display Management Platform

It has never been easier to get timely and accurate content to your passengers at every bus stop across your network

With Papercast’s content management system you can effortlessly provide real-time service arrivals as well as additional travel information such as service schedules, maps and timetable alterations. Offering instant GTFS, GTFS RT and SIRI integration, you can also enjoy the freedom of adding custom content apps such as local news, weather, events and tourist information.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Powerful cloud management

    Papercast displays are fully managed via a user-friendly cloud-based management system designed specifically for transit agencies

  • Instant data integration

    Easy integration with open data standards such as GTFS, GTFS RT and SIRI for real-time arrival information, combined with intuitive content editing

  • You have complete control

    Multiple layouts including split screen, content rotation and interactive toggling, with a broad range of predefined and custom content apps

  • Monitoring and diagnostics

    Management of all display features, such as connectivity, power, auto-diagnostics, movement detection, solar charging and external sensors

  • Papercast E-paper Passenger Information Display Management Platform

    Let's Start!

    Once installed, you can manage your Papercast displays from any internet connected device, using our proprietary cloud-based management system.

  • Manage Everything!

    You have complete control over every element of the platform. From managing and monitoring content on individual or multiple displays in real-time, to onboarding additional e-paper displays when it suits you.

  • Papercast E-paper Passenger Information Display Management Platform

    Customize it!

    Papercast’s popular apps and widgets enable you to design content layouts that best reflect the needs of your passengers. You can even develop your own apps and widgets using javascript Node.JS.

  • Papercast E-paper Passenger Information Display Management Platform

    Design and Create

    Tell your passengers when their bus will arrive, inform them about congestion on their route, promote local events, announce new services or shorten their waiting time with news. The possibilities are endless.

  • Papercast E-paper Passenger Information Display Management Platform

    Publish It!

    Publish in real-time, or to a predefined schedule using conditions such as ‘only on weekends’ or ‘public holidays’ or ‘during rush hour’. Seamlessly manage and change content on single or multiple displays at once, on a single route or across the network.

  • Monitor It!

    Check the published content on any display at any moment whenever and however you want. See what’s showing now and what was shown at a specific time in the past. Check the display status or any monitoring statistic at any time.

  • Papercast E-paper Passenger Information Display Management Platform

    Protect Your Assets!

    Integrated accelerometers detect any sign of aggressive movement, triggering an immediate alarm via SMS or e-mail.

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    If you would like further information on the Papercast management system or would like to discuss implementing the platform across your network, please get in contact.


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