CMS Plus: What makes the perfect passenger information display system?

What makes the perfect passenger information display system?

The straight answer… many things!

While e-paper technology is our thing, we recognise that there are instances where other display technologies are used. What works for a busy interchange and bus station with mains power wouldn’t be suitable for bus shelters without any power or connectivity. The reality is you need a combination of technologies to provide the best possible passenger information services.

But this combination of display technologies can result in an administration headache, potentially with multiple display management systems for different technologies.

At Papercast, we take this headache away. Now you can get content to every passenger information display using Papercast’s advanced content management system, under the new CMS Plus solution.

How does CMS Plus work?

We have developed a dedicated, discrete controller (Papercast Interface Module) which connects to your LCD displays via an HDMI connection. CMS Plus now allows you to seamlessly manage content on both your e-paper and LCD displays using a single interface.

Being able to design, plan and deliver your content through a single management system can make a huge difference to your operational efficiency and the passenger experience.

Why should you use CMS Plus?

We aren’t ashamed to say it: we’ve invested heavily in developing the best e-paper digital bus stop display technology. But there’s more to a great solution than the display hardware. We’ve been told by partners and customers that our management system is ahead of the game, offering some of the most advanced functionality in a user-friendly interface, and now you can use it across all your displays.

Our cloud-based platform can be accessed from any device and is packed with features to enable you to manage any modern passenger information display, read this blog to find out more.

If you have any questions on CMS Plus, please contact us.

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Bogdan is responsible for technology innovation, as well as product and service delivery. Under his direction, we continually empower our engineering team to develop the Papercast platform so that it remains the most advanced e-paper RTPI solution available.

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