Another sustainable mobility boost for Bilbao with Papercast® solar powered e-paper displays

Euskotren introduces real-time passenger information to further build on Bilbao’s lead in the commitment to sustainable mobility in Spain

Euskotren, the leading public transport operator in the Basque Country, introduces real-time passenger information at bus stops using solar powered e-paper displays. In a project led by Papercast partner Winfin Sistemas, the Papercast® displays have been introduced as a sustainable replacement to static timetables.

“Euskotren was looking for a cutting edge, energy efficient and user-friendly solution to provide detailed and well-structured travel information at bus stops,” comments Juan Blanco of Winfin Sistemas. “Papercast solar powered displays offer the most energy efficient, sustainable display solution that can be installed in any location, without the need for a power supply. The solution also features capabilities that are unmatched by other offerings, making Papercast a great choice for this.”

Bilbao is one of the largest cities in Spain, with plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, in accordance with EU targets. Investment in public transport infrastructure is one of the pillars to achieving this, which includes the bus network.

Euskotren’s motive for introducing real-time arrival information is to allow bus users to plan their journey more accurately and is aligned with the region’s commitment to reducing car use and improving the quality of life of residents through sustainable, low carbon suburban and intercity mobility.

Papercast e-paper bus stop displays provide up-to-date information and arrival service times to meet this exact requirement. The displays are controlled via the user-friendly cloud-based Content Management System, developed specifically to meet the needs of transit authorities.

Customer satisfaction and service reliability are linked with accurate information, which is particularly important when there are service delays or disruptions. Putting the traveller in control, reducing perceived wait time and increasing certainty through accurate information makes bus travel a more attractive option.

Euskotren is the leading public transport operator in the Basque Country and manages combined bus and rail transport services (as well as tram, metro and cable car services) carrying more than 30 million people a year. Euskotren’s mission is to promote sustainable suburban and intercity mobility, transporting people in the best conditions of safety, comfort and punctuality, under eco-efficient criteria, and helping to improve the quality of life in our environment.

Using E Ink technology, Papercast e-paper bus stop displays are well proven around the world, and this projects joins other prominent deployments across the European region including Finland, France, Spain, Poland and UK, as well as others further afield such as Bahrain, Makkah, New Zealand and USA.

Papercast’s range of solar powered, wireless e-paper bus stop displays provide excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight, and have been engineered with leading design principles of superior functionality and exceptionally low energy consumption. Completely stand-alone, the displays can be easily installed ‘off-the-grid’ within hours and the cloud-based data management platform provides complete control and real-time data integration.

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