Papercast® e-paper passenger information awarded for design excellence

Papercast design system selected by an international jury in the 10th Brumen Biennial Award

Papercast, the world’s leading provider of sustainable e-paper passenger information displays, today announced that its design system has won a Brumen Award, selected by an independent jury of internationally acclaimed specialists.

As the highest national accolade in design, Brumen is a two-year overview of the best works in Slovenian visual communications in fields that recognise design as an important competitive advantage. Papercast is headquartered in London, UK with product development and production based in Slovenia.

Using E Ink technology, Papercast allows public transport provides to show clear and visually striking real-time graphical travel information across the transport network on e-paper displays. The design system that underpins this provides fully customisable layouts, templates and design features that take full advantage of the highly versatile technical scope of e-paper.

Award justification (translated): “An extremely rigorously designed and flexible component-based system. Even though it is black and white (e-ink), the information is presented clearly and legibly, which is an achievement, as such systems usually rely heavily on the use of colour. This takes real skill to achieve.”

Papercast’s design system was selected to feature in the exhibition the Slovenian National Gallery for ‘Excellent Slovenian Design’ and in the Biennial catalogue. It went on to win this award at the Opening Ceremony where Slovenia’s highest honours in the field of design is celebrated. The design system had previously been awarded Silver in the Traffic and Public Transport category of the IIID Awards.

“It is a huge privilege to win this award. For the Papercast design system to standout from the 134 other design projects in the exhibition is testament to the high level of design that goes into every aspect of Papercast’s products – most importantly they graphical travel information,” comments Matic Leban, designer of the Papercast design system.


More than 417 projects were submitted for consideration with 134 selected for ‘Excellent Slovenian Design’. Papercast was one of only 17 that won a Brumen award.


The Papercast design system allows for the development of various display content configurations according to the client’s various requirements. It consists of a common modular grid system, information components and sub-components, and is adaptable to the given screen size, orientation, and interaction requirements. The modularity enables the use of custom labels and other globally implemented identity elements specific to the transport system.


Papercast is revolutionising the way operators provide passenger information at the bus stop. With deployments in more than 40 countries worldwide, Papercast is already in use with operators including FlixbusTransport for London (TfL)Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT) and CITYBUS.

The unique attributes of e-paper make it ideal for outside use, with unbeatable screen visibility, even in direct sunlight. Couple this with wireless connectivity and the exceptionally low power consumption achieved by Papercast’s engineers, and the displays can be continuously solar powered without changing the battery – no power or connectivity cables are required. Additionally, Papercast’s sophisticated cloud-based management system offers simple integration with open data standards, as well as the ability to control all aspects of the display and its content remotely. Transport authorities can now provide live arrivals and other information to passengers at bus stops where previously it would not have been feasible.

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