Papercast reveals significant enhancements to e-paper graphic design library

Improved and enhanced design templates enable our customers to show clear and visually striking graphical travel information on Papercast e-paper displays

Papercast has revealed enhancements to its graphic design capabilities for its range of e-paper passenger information displays. Working in collaboration with some of the sector’s most prominent public transport providers, the improvements go one step further to taking full advantage of the technical scope of e-paper.

The e-paper graphic design library provides intuitive design capabilities for presenting a wide range of live and static travel information on Papercast e-paper displays. It is a comprehensive library of layouts, templates, graphics, styles and icons that meets best design standards.

“The aim is to meet our customer’s evolving needs for presenting complex travel information, in a style that suits both their brand styling and their passenger needs,” said Robert Bicket, Chief Executive at Papercast. “We are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of easy-to-use, visually impactful and fully customisable layouts, templates and design features to meet this goal.”

E-paper mimics the qualities of real paper. This transport authorities and operators benefit from a solar powered self-sustainable electronic display, yet still have the freedom to display a wide range of detailed travel information. They will benefit from greater flexibility to present information in accordance with their brand visual identity, while keeping passengers more informed.

Exploiting the blank canvas of e-paper

These examples show the art of the possible with a selection of layouts and styles applied to a range of Papercast e-paper display sizes and formats.

Papercast also offers full customisation to meet brand requirements. E-paper display enclosures, along with solar and battery modules, can be fully customised to meet individual brand identity requirements, from enclosure colour and branding through to content styling and design.

About the Papercast content management system

The new graphic design library is incorporated into the Papercast content management system. The user-friendly cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere and is packed with features for managing every aspect of the Papercast e-paper displays. Along with monitoring status and performance and easy integration with open data feed standards, the system is used to control the information shown on the displays. This is where these improved and enhanced graphic design capabilities come in.

For further information on how you can transform passenger information at the bus stop, please contact us for a demo.

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Bogdan is responsible for technology innovation, as well as product and service delivery. Under his direction, we continually empower our engineering team to develop the Papercast platform so that it remains the most advanced e-paper RTPI solution available.

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