Papercast® extends product range with new indoor e-paper displays

Papercast’s revolutionary e-paper product range now offers indoor and outdoor, fixed and portable displays for sharing important and dynamic digital content

Papercast®, the world leader in battery and solar powered e-paper displays, has pioneered new ultra slimline and lightweight indoor e-paper display solutions, as it broadens its market beyond its bus stop display market success.

Papercast offers a flexible and easy to deploy digital signage solution for a wide range of environments where changing information needs to be shared with the public – whether for wayfinding, managing flow or public safety, in public spaces that include airports, rail stations, fuel stations, roadworks, events, shopping centres and hospitality venues.

“We are committed to developing products that bring information to life in any environment, outdoors and now also indoors,” comments Robert Bicket, CEO at Papercast. “We launched in 2017 with a very focused strategy, but other markets are now realising the huge potential of e-paper. Addressing these wider market needs has been the driving force behind this new product range.” 

The new diversified product range offers the most versatile e-paper display solution for sharing digital content with the public in both indoor and outdoor environments. With industry-leading power efficiency, Papercast displays can run on batteries longer than any other display technology (3.3x more power efficient than comparable e-paper display solutions), making it the most sustainable solution available.

With wireless connectivity, Papercast displays are remotely managed by a cloud-based management system. Customers can show a wide range of visually striking graphical information with API integration to data sources, intuitive content editing tools and a comprehensive application and widget library.

The new products and applications are showcased on Papercast’s updated website.

“We are excited to take this next step forward in our mission to continually push new possibilities for e-paper. We already have a growing, global customer base spanning 30 countries worldwide and we are looking forward to broadening this over the coming years,” concludes Robert.

Posted June 25, 2021 By