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If you want to know why transport authorities and operators around the world choose Papercast e-paper displays to transform real-time passenger information at the bus stop, check out our short explainer video.

If you travel by train or plane, you’ll be familiar with the digital displays showing live travel information. But when it comes to bus travel, this isn’t such a familiar sight.

Introducing Papercast solar powered e-paper bus stop displays.

Using a unique display technology that has exceptional outdoor screen visibility, even in direct sunlight. With a high protection rating that can withstand the most extreme conditions. A display that’s been engineered to the very limits of energy efficiency, which means it can be solar powered. That shows accurate real-time passenger information, cloud-connected using cellular networks. That can be easily installed anywhere, completely off-grid in a matter of hours.

Papercast displays are controlled remotely by the cloud-based content management system. You can manage every display across your network, including content updates, monitoring and diagnostics. Content publishing tools give complete flexibility to create custom display layouts. Show live arrival times thanks to easy integration with major open data standards such as GTFS and SIRI.

Fully managed from any internet connected device, Papercast can deliver accurate, live information to passengers at bus stops everywhere.

To learn more about Papercast’s unique technology, contact us.

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