How late is late?

What bus passengers think about punctuality and timetables

We were prompted to write this after reading the report by Passenger Focus of the same name. The only thing is, the report was published in 2014! But in our defence, Papercast wasn’t around back then and in all honesty, what bus users think about punctuality and timetables hasn’t really changed in five years.

So how late is this blog? Just a little, but it’s still very relevant!

You can read the full report, How late is late – What bus passengers think about punctuality and timetables, but here are our key takeaways:

While five years can seem like a lifetime in today’s fast-moving world, very little in this report seems to have changed. If we did the same research today, we believe the findings would be no different, the world over.

With that in mind, we all know what we need to do!

We need to improve the quality of information, using tools like Papercast’s Better ETA, our enhanced analytics platform that improves the accuracy of live bus arrival predictions while offering insight on service performance. It makes real-time adjustments to your existing data feeds which can be integrated with any passenger information or operations management system.

We also need to get live, accurate and consistent travel information to passengers at all stages of the journey, via websites, smart phone apps, text messaging and digital displays. This is where Papercast’s e-paper passenger information bus stop solution comes in. Our system is the most advanced on the market, with solar powered displays engineered to the optimum energy efficiency and a content management system that is generations ahead of the rest of the market.

It has never been easier to keep your passengers informed!

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