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Improve the accuracy of bus arrival predictions and gain insight on service performance

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When it comes to information, your passengers want to know EXACTLY when the next bus will arrive

Traffic congestion results in unpredictable and inconsistent journey times, especially at peak times. The question is how do you provide accurate estimated time of arrival data that reduces passenger uncertainty and increases perceived service reliability? The answer is Better ETA – an advanced analytics platform that normalises CAD/AVL data to improve the accuracy of bus arrival predictions.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Improve ETA predictions

    Understand your arrival time accuracy and improve it by more than 30%, Better ETA makes real-time adjustments to your existing data feeds

  • Boost the passenger experience

    Directly disseminate better bus arrival predictions to your customers in real-time, with a simple integration into your passenger information system

  • Improve service performance

    Gather detailed insights on service performance and benchmark against historical data and other cities, for informed decision making

  • Visual service monitoring

    Monitor all aspects of your service, in depth and in real-time, as well as historical data recording for compliance and audit reporting

  • Better ETA for Improved Bus Arrival Predictions

    Advanced CAD/AVL analytics platform

    Cloud-based platform powered by an innovative statistical engine, using progressive methods and machine learning technologies.

  • Better ETA for Improved Bus Arrival Predictions

    Check the accuracy of your ETA in real-time

    Existing CAD/AVL data feeds are analysed for accuracy and the dashboard presents in-depth monitoring analytics for every element of your transit network.

  • Better ETA for Improved Bus Arrival Predictions

    Improve your ETA predictions

    Each ETA prediction made by your existing system is enhanced by a more accurate calculation – with up to a 30% measurable improvement in estimated arrival times.

  • Better ETA for Improved Bus Arrival Predictions

    Quickly and simply replace your existing RTPI data feed

    Improve customer satisfaction by disseminating Better ETA data in real-time to your passenger information system, using global open data standards, such as GTFS RT and SIRI.

  • Better ETA for Improved Bus Arrival Predictions

    Improve service quality

    Drill down and benchmark performance against historical data and against other transit networks for more meaningful comparisons, facilitating better decision making and continual service improvement.

  • Better ETA for Improved Bus Arrival Predictions

    Proven 30% accuracy increase

    We applied Better ETA to the city of Denver public transport system with incredible results – 30% improvement in arrival time accuracy.

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