Papercast e-paper bus stop displays were a hit at APTA Expo

We’ve been to many industry Expos in our time, but never before have we been greeted with such a positive reaction than that we received at this year’s APTA Expo in Atlanta.

Following an incredibly busy year, with two major product enhancements and many successful pilot deployments with leading transport agencies around the world, we firmly believe that e-paper digital bus stop displays are the technology of the future. The message we took away from APTA is that this is very much the reality, and Papercast e-paper displays have become the solution of choice.

Our entire senior team attended the event and Papercast e-paper digital bus stop displays featured on two of our partner stands:

Check out some of the photos below, the reaction was phenomenal!

Keep reading to find out why e-paper should be your first choice for delivering electronic passenger information for bus stops and why Papercast has the most advanced solution on the market right now.

  1. Why go digital? It offers a better quality of service and improves satisfaction. Electronic passenger information displays are ideal for operators that want a more dynamic, speedy and effective way to keep passengers informed on accurate bus arrival times, get targeted messages to customers on time, improve the customer experience and increase ridership. Read more 
  2. Why choose e-paper technology? The most widely used technology in outdoor signage is light-emitting diodes (LED), and now we are experiencing the emergence of e-paper technology. E-paper delivers incredibly low power consumption and high screen visibility (even in direct sunlight), and it is these extraordinary characteristics make e-paper perfect for outdoor public information displays. Read more
  3. Why is e-paper particularly well suited to bus stops? E-paper is becoming the preferred choice in bus mobility where bus stops are often dispersed without any amenities. Papercast displays come with solar power and wireless connectivity as standard, the unit is completely standalone and can be easily installed completely ‘off-the-grid’ within hours – without the complication of power or communication cables.
  4. Why should we choose Papercast e-paper displays? Papercast’s technology is the most advanced on the market right now. Launched early 2016 it is deployed in more than 15 cities worldwide, and counting. This year we introduced two major enhancements:

If you still aren’t convinced, get in contact to discuss further. If you are confident that e-paper is the technology for you, please also contact us, and read our article on the top things you need to consider before choosing an e-paper passenger information technology.

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Rado is passionate about improving the passenger experience across the globe, with a focus on developing customer relationships and strategic partnerships in the APAC region. He also leads our go-to-market strategy for advanced prediction tools, Better ETA.

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