Papercast e-paper bus stop displays help Mauritius to modernize public transport

Mauritius benefits from real-time passenger information on Papercast solar powered e-paper bus stop displays

Passenger Information Service (PIS) incorporating Papercast solar powered e-paper bus stop displays has been officially launched by the Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail in Mauritius.

The service is part of a National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) initiative to modernise services across the country with a world-class transport system. The government is investing heavily to improve the capacity and quality of the infrastructure, along with initiatives to promote and increase the attractiveness of public transport.

“The passenger information system project responds to the demands of modern life. People want control over their journey, with quick links to public transport transfers. They need to know when and where their transport will arrive, and our bus system needs to adapt to this need,” said Hns. Alan Ganoo, Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail, at the launch.

Papercast e-paper displays allow the NTLA to provide real-time service and travel information to passengers at bus stops. The sunlight readable displays are perfect for outdoor use, solar powered and controlled over the mobile network with the best-of-breed cloud-based content management system. This means they can be quickly and easily installed off-grid and do not need any physical power or connectivity cables.

“Our experience shows that real-time passenger information improves the attractiveness of public transport. It enables travellers to plan their journeys with more certainty while significantly reducing perceived waiting times,” comments Robert Bicket, CEO at Papercast. “We are delighted that Papercast is part of the NLTA strategy, offering the very latest and most advanced bus stop display solution available.”

NTLA appointed PwC India to carry out a study on reengineering public transport in Mauritius, who recommended an integrated transit management and passenger information system as the first step of the strategic transformation. NTLA partnered with a local system integrator, who incorporated the smart mobility platform developed by Papercast partner, LIT Transit. The solution includes vehicle tracking technology installed on buses which are connected to the backend transit management and passenger information system. This travel information is then made available to commuters in real-time via the e-paper displays installed at the bus stops and the Maubis mobile application, developed by a third party.

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