Papercast e-paper bus stop display ascends to the Alps

Passenger information system improves bus services in remote Austria

Papercast e-paper passenger information bus stop displays are being piloted in Tannheim, in the Austrian state of Tyrol on the border to Germany. The installation is part of a strategic initiative to improve public transport service quality, by rolling out real-time service data to passengers across Tyrol as a permanent replacement to paper timetables.

Currently installed at the municipal office in Tannheim to measure passenger reaction and define future requirements, Papercast was selected for design, functionality and ease of deployment. Whilst this initial display is mains powered with WiFi connectivity, it is intended that displays will be stand-alone in more remote locations. On this basis, Papercast’s ability to operate around the clock using solar power and provide 3G mobile network connectivity was also a key deciding factor.

Buses were recently equipped with GPS location tracking and the resulting real-time arrival data needed to be made available to customers.

“Not only will this significantly improve the passenger experience, but it will remove the burden of changing paper timetables,” comments Alfred Messner, project manager at Bayer Schilder Gmbh. “Papercast not only has the best technology available on the market, but it is an absolute pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic and competent team to plan and deploy the project in this remote area of Austria.”

Bayer Schilder Gmbh, located near Steyr in Austria, is working closely with Papercast to implement innovative solutions in traffic engineering and public transport for German language customers.

Launched in 2016, Papercast e-paper bus stop displays experienced a series of innovative enhancements during 2017 to elevate its position as the most advanced solution on the market. With increasing adoption around the world, e-paper is becoming the technology of choice in keeping passengers better informed at the bus stop.

Papercast’s unique characteristics include exceptional outdoor readability, even in direct sunlight, and unbeatable low power consumption, which means it can be perpetually solar powered. Coupled with wireless connectivity to the management platform and an innovative ruggedized IP65 rated enclosure with secure fixing mechanism, Papercast is incredibly easy to install, within an hour, completely “off-the-grid”.

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