INEOS Britannia continues technology partnership with Papercast for its 37th America’s Cup challenge

INEOS Britannia announces its ongoing technology partnership with Papercast, the leader in e-paper information display systems, for the 37th America’s Cup taking place in Barcelona in 2024. Papercast’s e-paper technology, initially developed for real-time digital bus stops, has been customised to deliver high-speed live data onboard INEOS Britannia’s LEQ12 Test Boat and AC75 Class race boat, ensuring the crew receives critical information instantly.

Building on the success of their collaboration in the previous challenge, Papercast reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to the world of Grand Prix sailing. It unveils ground-breaking enhancements to its 13” screens, combining its cutting-edge e-paper technology with innovative design to produce displays meticulously optimised for the unique challenges of the America’s Cup.

Ben Ainslie, Team Principal and Helm of INEOS Britannia commented: “In the America’s Cup, we compete in the most technically advanced race boats in the world. To achieve optimal performance, it’s crucial that the crew can receive key data in a fast, highly readable format. Not an easy feat given they are in the extreme environment of an AC75, in speeds of over 60mph and flying above the water. Papercast have repeatedly met and over delivered in their solutions and we are delighted they are back on board with us in our challenge to win the America’s Cup”.

Robert Bicket, CEO of Papercast (L), and Ben Ainslie, Team Principal and Helm of INEOS Britannia (R)

Robert Bicket, CEO of Papercast, commented: “I am delighted our technology will once again form one of the many vital technical components that will make this one of the strongest British AC challengers that this country has ever seen”.

Key design priorities include:

Many of these advanced features, intrinsic to E Ink technology and Papercast products, mark just the start of their innovative approach. To achieve lightweight yet robust construction, a carbon fibre internal backplane supports the screen and electronics. Streamlining electronics and replacing 4mm glass with 0.7mm Gorilla Glass also significantly reduced the weight.

These enhancements underscore Papercast’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and its dedication to supporting INEOS Britannia’s quest for victory in the 37th America’s Cup.

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