As part of its Grüne Haltestelle ‘future green stations’ initiative, BVG plans to provide real-time passenger information on self-sustainable displays across its transit network. Papercast’s e-paper technology has been selected due to its ultra-low power performance, delivering several attractive benefits to BVG including:  significant cost savings due to its ability to be perpetually solar powered, the completely stand-alone configuration that makes it very easy to install and the eco-friendly nature that aligns with BVG’s ‘future green stations’ vision.

The first Papercast installation is now fully operational at the International Gardening Festival 2017 site, which opened on the 13th April. Further digital bus stop displays will be rolled out across central Berlin to encompass various screen configurations, as part of the one year pilot.


The Grüne Haltestelle project is led by Mr. Matthias Tenbusch, Project Manager at BVG, who is satisfied that the solution offers both simplicity and a good passenger experience, characterised by accurate, reliable and user-friendly information.

“From what I have seen so far, Papercast is an advanced solar powered e-paper digital bus stop technology that is very easy to implement,” comments Matthias. “We are thrilled to have Papercast support our Grüne Haltestelle initiative as well as our business mission – ‘We keep you moving’ – with a bus stop passenger information solution that is truly aligned to our ethics of green, affordable, reliable and innovative.”

The news follows Papercast’s recent launch of the advanced EPD board to power its ‘next generation’ solar powered range of e-paper displays. Developed entirely in-house by Papercast engineers, the all new quad-core e-paper driver board breaks new ground in power performance, using nine times less energy than its first generation equivalent, used in the majority of outdoor e-paper signage displays available on the market.

Robert Bicket, CEO at Papercast, comments: “We are excited to see our new technology in operation in a transit network as concentrated as Berlin’s. We look forward to seeing Papercast meeting BVG’s needs for a self-sustainable and eco-friendly platform that efficiently delivers live content in a clear and user-friendly format.”

Papercast was launched in March 2016 after considerable field testing and is currently deployed under trial across Europe, Americas and Asia.


Papercast’s next generation bus stop passenger information solution uses self-sustainable standalone solar powered e-paper displays, with a comprehensive content management system developed exclusively for public transport needs. The platform enables transport providers to effortlessly keep passengers informed on real-time and advance service information at bus stops in a clear and user friendly format.