BVG installs additional Papercast e-paper bus stops displays across Berlin

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Germany’s largest local public transport company, has installed Papercast solar powered e-paper passenger information displays at additional BVG bus stop locations across Berlin.

The additional displays have been installed under the trial agreement announced earlier in the year as part of BVG’s Grüne Haltestelle ‘future green stations’ initiative, read the full article.

A selection of 13″ and 32″ solar powered e-paper bus stop timetable displays:

“Papercast is an advanced solar powered e-paper digital bus stop technology that is very easy to implement,” comments Matthias. “We are thrilled to have Papercast support our Grüne Haltestelle initiative as well as our business mission – ‘We keep you moving’ – with a bus stop passenger information solution that is truly aligned to our ethics of green, affordable, reliable and innovative.”

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