Papercast improving the passenger experience at the bus stop

We took to the streets “mystery shopper” style to see how the public reacted to the real-time bus arrival information on our single and double standalone e-paper displays. Here are some of the comments we noted, along with a selection of photos:

“I can’t believe how clear the content is, it is better than real paper”

“It’s telling me a bus is coming now and I can see it pulling into the bus stop, this is great”

“The way it organizes information makes it so much easier to plan my journey, the fact that I can see the bus moving along the route is quite astonishing”

“I really think this would make big difference to how people feel about bus services, I find it really informative”

“Because the timetable is live you actually believe it, and the bus comes when it says it will. It completely removes the frustration of waiting for a bus. I think we need more of these”

Posted March 10, 2018 By