NEW! Papercast videos you don’t want to miss

While our team ventures to all corners of the planet to show-off our range of e-paper displays, we thought we should share some wow factors in a couple of short videos – the best way to show you without seeing you in person.

Before we do, we want to bring your attention to our ever expanding product range, unveiled at IT-TRANS last month as the largest, most advanced range of e-paper bus stop displays in the world. Find out more, in our growing product section.

Now the moment you have been waiting for, here are some of the highlights from our recent video shoot (amazing what you can achieve with a mobile phone)! If you are having difficulty viewing them in this format, please visit our video section.

Seamless Content Update

Say goodbye to e-paper screen flicker, you can barely see the content update in this video. Thanks to the Papercast E-Paper Driver Board we launched last year, combining a faster processor with local content rendering, we get these incredible results – you really do have to see it to believe it!

Did you see it, you may have to watch that one again!

Crystal Clear Content

See how crisp the content is on this Papercast e-paper bus stop display – we think this is clearer than traditional paper! Revolutionary e-paper displays provide impressive visibility when compared to traditional display technology.

Papercast E-paper Bus Stop Display in Action

Effortlessly keep passengers fully updated with timely and accurate information at every bus stop across your network – see Papercast in action at this bus stop!

If you want to know more about our e-paper bus stop displays, and why Papercast is the most advanced solution available on the market, explore our website or get in contact.

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