Introducing Powered by Papercast

How we help you to innovate the bus stop, your way!

Did you know that the Papercast range of e-paper displays can be customised to meet your specific brand, design, style or street furniture requirements?

That’s right! We want to help our customers to achieve their goals, and this comes down to the very fine details.

With our Powered by Papercast service, we offer complete flexibility so you can apply your brand identity to our passenger information displays, whilst still benefitting from Papercast’s market leading technology.

There are two ways we help you to achieve this:

Papercast enclosures with your branding

Whether you are interested in our standalone or open frame models, all Papercast e-paper displays come in a ruggedized IP65 rated enclosure with toughened front glass.

These enclosures can be produced in a wide range of colours, featuring your logo alongside the Powered by Papercast brand (either on the enclosure itself or on the screen via the content management system). Using the RAL colour matching system, we can replicate your Pantone or RGB brand colour.


Papercast displays in your own street furniture

If you already have an established style for your bus timetable frames and want to maintain consistency with your e-paper displays, our open frame displays are the perfect solution for you. Likewise, you may plan to roll out new smart bus shelters, totems or kiosks that accommodate digital displays.

Papercast open frame displays can be installed in your own street furniture, again featuring the Powered by Papercast brand on the frame or the screen area via the content management system.

If you, or one of your customers, are interested in these customisation options, please contact the team to discuss your requirements.

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CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Robert focuses the company on a single global strategy aligned with the needs of the market. He is also responsible for developing our capability in all disciplines and collaborating with delivery partners to establish our market position in key geographies.

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