Papercast @ APTAtech Conference: 30 July – 2 August, California

Visit Papercast at APTAtech on 30 July – 2 August

See Papercast solar powered e-paper passenger information display system – at APTAtech Conference. Visitors can meet with our team and see our most popular products in action.

As APTA’s preeminent transportation technology conference, APTAtech explores how the public can use innovative technologies to better navigate transit including emerging technologies in fare payment systems, autonomous, and zero-emission vehicles, equity, cybersecurity readiness, workforce capacity, real-time open data services, and rider challenges.

This year’s conference theme is “Building Resilliency for a Changing World” and will examine the progress that can be achieved by investments in emerging and innovative technologies to strengthen existing transportation infrastructure and improve decision making using high-quality data and analytical tools. The APTAtech Conference will help the industry to rise to the challenges of the ever-evolving transportation landscape and ridership.

Improving the passenger experience

Transport authorities and operators around the world strive to improve the passenger experience and increase ridership, it has been widely recognised that providing accurate real-time passenger information is a valuable contributor. It enables travellers to more efficiently plan their trips and the transit agency to improve performance. Additionally, providing live arrival times, wayfinding, traffic or public safety and emergency information at the bus stop removes uncertainty, decreases perceived wait times and improves satisfaction.

The Papercast e-paper passenger information display system has been developed specifically to help public transport providers to achieve this goal. The displays can be easily installed within hours and without the requirement to dig holes into roads or pavements, allowing transport authorities to provide real-time bus arrivals and other service information to passengers at bus stops where it previously would not have been feasible.

Completely standalone, Papercast displays can be installed anywhere, off-the-grid in a matter of hours.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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