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Features at a glance

  • Sunlight readable

    High contrast HD e-ink displays with night time LED illumination

  • Solar powered

    Market leading power and data performance

  • Wireless connectivity

    Optimised wireless data compression and transmission

  • Display options

    Standard and custom display configurations

  • Seamless refresh

    Local content rendering and partial screen update

  • Fully protected

    Ruggedized IP65-rated enclosure with accelerometer

  • Easy installation

    Standalone ‘off-the-grid’ display, installed in hours

  • Complete control

    Bespoke cloud based advanced management system

  • Instant integration

    Simple integration supporting major open standards

  • Better ETA

    Optional analytics to improve data accuracy

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The E-Paper Display

Papercast e-paper displays have been engineered with leading design principles of superior user experience and exceptionally low energy consumption

Now featuring our very own advanced e-paper driver (EPD) board, the all new Papercast quad-core processor breaks new ground in power performance and offers a combination of features not found in other solutions. With a wide range of options available, configure your bus stop displays to suit your evolving needs.

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The Management System

It has never been easier to get timely and accurate content to your passengers at every bus stop across your network

With Papercast’s data management platform you can effortlessly provide real-time service arrivals as well as additional travel information such as service schedules, maps and timetable alterations. Offering instant GTFS, GTFS RT and SIRI integration, you can also enjoy the freedom of adding custom content apps such as local news, weather, events and tourist information.

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Get Better ETA

When it comes to information, your passengers want to know EXACTLY when the next bus will arrive

Traffic congestion results in unpredictable and inconsistent journey times, especially at peak times. The question is how do you provide accurate estimated time of arrival data that reduces passenger uncertainty and increases perceived service reliability? The answer is Better ETA – an advanced analytics platform that normalises CAD/AVL data to improve the accuracy of bus arrival predictions.

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Is there anything else you would like to know?

How is this the best e-paper solution available?

We recently launched our very own advanced e-paper driver (EPD) board, developed entirely in-house by Papercast engineers. The all new Papercast quad-core EPD breaks new ground in power performance and introduces unique…

How are the displays powered?

The displays have been designed and optimised to be solar powered – we use E-ink technology with power consumption that is extremely low compared to other display types. A solar panel charges a small internal battery to enable the displays…

How does the display collect its information?

The display connects to the Papercast cloud-based management system via 3G or WIFI. Designed specifically for transit agencies, our platform offers easy integration with open data standards such as GTFS and SIRI for real-time passenger…

How is the display installed?

With solar power and wireless connectivity as standard, the display can be easily installed completely ‘off-the-grid’ within hours. The displays are supplied in our innovative ruggedized IP65-rated enclosure with a secure and flexible mounting…

How are the displays protected?

The displays are supplied in our innovative ruggedized IP65-rated enclosure, made from extruded aluminium with a toughened laminated anti-vandal, anti-scratch front glass, a secure fixing mechanism and integrated accelerometer…

Does the screen work in direct sunlight?

E-paper offers phenomenal sunlight readability, in fact the brighter the day the better the image quality. In the dark, the display has an ultra-low power LED illumination edge lighting system building into the enclosure…

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