Papercast benefits

A future-proof and easy to implement e-paper passenger information bus stop display

Ready for the most advanced standalone e-paper passenger information bus stop display available on the market?

You need to improve the customer experience and service utilisation. You know that real-time passenger information demonstrably increases the perception of service standards. With smart transport information strategies defining the future, going digital is your only option. You are aware of e-paper as an emerging display technology, so find out why you don’t need to look any further than Papercast e-paper passenger information bus stop displays.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduce operating costs

    Reduce costs and environmental impact by replacing legacy LCD with energy efficient e-paper (36 times more efficient)

  • Technology refresh

    Future-proof platform for planned technology refresh, flexible to meet changing business and passenger needs

  • Smart city solution

    Ideal passenger information technology platform to optimise the use of public transport in smart city strategies

  • Customer experience

    Provide more informative content on sophisticated high-resolution e-paper displays, available in different sizes

  • Take control

    Deliver accurate service information to all bus stops across the network, even in the most remote locations

  • Replace paper content

    No need to manually replace outdated paper-based bus stop content, that doesn’t always reflect the excepted service

Why you need to make the move

Bus Arrival Times E-paper Bus Stop Display

Why move to digital bus stop signage?

Digital signage is dynamic, speedy and efficient compared to conventional static signage. It is ideal for operators that want to improve the user experience and get targeted messages to their customers.

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Why e-paper displays are the perfect solution?

The extraordinary characteristics of incredibly low power consumption and high screen visibility (even in direct sunlight), coupled with full content management platform, make e-paper perfect for outdoor digital information displays.

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Papercast E-paper Passenger Information Display Management Platform

Why Papercast?

With the leading design principle of exceptionally low energy consumption, Papercast delivers the most superior experience in a stand-alone solar-powered unit that can be installed literally anywhere, in hours.

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E-paper displays trusted by forward thinking transport agencies

Leading service providers around the world are adopting Papercast

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